Team Natural is a huge undertaking – almost like starting a diet – only more tasking and everyday is a new day to wonder why your hair is not cooperating. But if there is one celebrity who has mastered the art of the natural hair, it is singer Kambua Mathu – ah, Kambua makes it looks so effortless! Here are the 8 times Alice Kambua’s natural hair styles were just pure goals. Yes, we do understand that some of the looks are not 100% natural hair and are extension- infused, but that does not take away anything… so here goes.

High bun

This high bun look is just a few more pictures away from becoming Kambua’s signature look.Yet she manages to look fresh in it every time she steps out.

Side-part bun

Here she gets rid of the extension and lets her hair shine in its own glory. The little part on the side add the necessary pizzazz to go with this look.

Messy bun

We bet this is the black girl’s version of messy bun because nothing else suffices…


Kambua is the ultimate queen of all pompadour looks, this one is chill and dramatic all in one!


If the natural hair does not bring the drama you desire, you can level it up with just a few plaits on the side – as Kambua demonstrates.

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An afro that doubles up as  a mohawk? Yes please! This look can never go out of style. Especially not when Kambua keeps pulling variations of it from her sleeves!

TWA for the win!

Look at how beautiful her Tiny Weeny Afro is! We especially love those mini parts on the side. Handling good natural haor day has never looked this effortless.

What do we call this?

We are not sure the natural hair gang has come up with a name for this yet. What we are sure of however, is that Kambua likes it, and we like and everybody else should because it looks gorgeous!


A head wrap is to a naturalista what a bridesmaid is to a bride – when all else fails, when there is simply no time for fall back plans, when you do not even want the fall back plans to begin with – the head warp is the ultimate saving grace!

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