Why your child should start sports early

  • PublishedDecember 2, 2019

The benefits of sports and physical activities are well-known. Whether old, young or middle-aged, there are benefits in engaging in sports. But unknown to many, letting you child start sports early gives them an edge over their peers. This however, does not equate to  overwhelming the child. Letting them start sports early simply means exposing them to sports as early as possible and allowing them do what they can handle. Some of the benefits that come out of these activities include ;

Better social skills

Starting sports early could put your child’s social skills light years away from their peers. This is largely due to the social practice that sports promote, especially team sports. Learning how to be level-headed, empathetic and play fair are key components in sports. If the child masters these early, their social skills are set to be exemplary.

Impulse control, however, is the biggest take-away. For example, if the kids are playing a sport like soccer and they lose, whilst kids with poor impulse control might cry and even engage in acts of aggression, kids with better impulse control will play it cool despite being disappointed.

Develops leadership qualities

Leadership qualities aren’t exclusively built by leading in a team sport. There are various aspects of sports that develop qualities good leaders are cognizant of. Engaging your child in sports early provides them to develop these traits.

They include how to overcome adversity, perseverance, positive attitude and commitment. These are just some of the traits that are highly likely to be possessed by good leaders. By starting sports early, he/she gets the chance to exercise these traits early.

Academic success

This however isn’t a guarantee. Although if the child has healthy IQ principles acquired in sports it can help them in school. Sports teaches dedication, practice and hard work.

All these principles are at the heart of education as well. As such, if successfully implemented off-field, your child should be well on their way to good grades.

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