If your baby is almost here and you are planning to have it in the hospital, the best time to pack your maternity hospital bag is now – that is if you have not packed it already. Once the labour starts, you will barely be able to think straight, let alone trying to run around the house finding the things you will need at the hospital. If you have no idea where to start, here is a list of essentials you should have in your maternity hospital bag. Some of these things the hospital might provide, but that is never assured so just bring your own.

Items for you

Maternity pads – Bleeding after birth is normal and your hospital might provide pads for this. Carry some maternity pads all the same just to be on the safe side. Besides, maternity pads are more absorbent and have been made specifically for this purpose.

Charger – It is ver easy to forget something as important as a charger when packing.

Flip flops – Bring your own slippers to the hospital

Dress – Pack a loose dress that you will wear as you leave the hospital

Nursing bra – Bring bras that can conveniently allow you to nurse the baby with ease

Toiletries – The towels, tissues, toothpaste, toothbrush, body oil and wipes are a must-pack. Stock on the wipes especially, there are  never enough.

Snacks – Because, why not? The hospital will provide food, but it does not hurt to bring the foods and drinks you like, unless the doctor advises you otherwise.

Items for the tot

Blankets – Pack at least two blankets to swaddle the new tot in.

Warm clothes – Do not forget to carry changes of clothes for the newborn. It can be hard to predict how long you will be staying at the hospital

Pampers – Bring diapers for the newborn with you

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