Auma Obama cautions on the culture of begging

  • PublishedJuly 18, 2018

Dr. Auma Obama cautioned Kenyans against relying on aid. The Sauti Kuu founder asked Kenyans to seek self reliance and work hard to change their lives.

Dr. Auma was defending herself against backlash from Kenyans. This is after she had asked the luo community to get rid of the culture of“gonya gonya” (asking for handouts) and konya konya (unshackle me).

Ms Auma told those who were present at the launching of Sauti Kuu Foundation in K’Ogelo Siaya county, that she doesn’t want her community to be one of beggars.

“I don’t want my community to be a begging community. I’m not calling Luos beggars. I’m telling Luos that we need to start taking care of ourselves. I know it’s not difficult because we can,” she said.

Former US president Obama also attended the event. He asked Kenyan leaders to push for equal opportunities as a way of fighting poverty and encouraging resilience

“Are we just waiting for the arrival of Obama so that we say we can be helped? Guys we need to get up and start working, do something to leave a legacy,” Auma said on Citizen TV’s Opinion Court on Thursday.

Auma also noted that youth unemployment was the result of successful leaders not creating job opportunities.

She said Sauti Kuu Resource Centre will educate locals to harness their talent. It will do this by using local resources to improve the community’s lives.

At Sauti Kuu locals will be getting training in areas such as welding, sports, farming and mechanics.

“I built this centre because I asked young people ‘what will make you stay?’ and they mentioned all the things they didn’t’ have that they thought they would find in the city,” she said.

Auma went ahead to say that she wanted he community to believe that they can do things by themselves. That the people do not want to be constantly grateful for what they have.

“Let us stop the ‘gonya gonya’ syndrome…if you are mad at me, come and join me. Let us work together..”she said.

Dr. Auma concluded by asking like-minded individuals to join hands and work alongside her.

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