Media personality Jahmby Koikai has been battling with Endometriosis for a while now. This has been a tough journey in her life as she has been receiving step by step treatment process abroad.

Endometriosis is a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain, especially associated with menstruation.

Due to stigmatization and contempt, not many people are comfortable about discussing the serious condition of endometriosis.

This has however earned her critics who have been hitting her Instagram DM suggesting that she might be bewitched and not sick.

Jahmby has taken to social media to address the misconceptions she has been receiving from online users.

“Hey fam let’s make a few things clear. My DM has been filled with some of these peeps of late.
Please don’t come in my DM
1. ‘advising me about my hair’, ‘it’s not acceptable and i should shave’
2. Asking me to visit pastors and prophets for healing and altogether absconding my treatment and therapies
3. Asking me to carry out rituals and how i should visit the elders 
4. I’m not cursed.

Despite the negativity, Jahmby who is known as the Endowarrior, keeps on telling reserved individuals that they should accept the seriousness of reproductive health.

Just accept me. Accept the fact that I’ve broken barriers by speaking about menstruation and endometriosis.A taboo topic. Accept that I’m in the fight to make sure our women get the best reproductive healthcare.

My hair ain’t got nothing to do with this. I think my brain, my heart, my uterus and my love for God does. This is a milestone for all women that we shall be silent no more. Reproductive health issues are affecting all of us rich and poor. Educated and alternatively educated. Married and single. We as women are fighting with biological functions. If you understand that, then you will know that this is about the millions of women fighting for freedom from pain.”