KBS introduces working sockets in buses

  • PublishedJuly 16, 2018

It is good news for passengers as Kenya Bus Services (KBS) introduces sockets in their buses. Kenyans woke up to this great surprise today and enjoyed charging their phones on their way to work.

Nairobi buses are known to be convenient and cheaper but few have the luxury of a socket. Most of these buses have free Wi-Fi but one doesn’t even enjoy this due to the short battery storage of smartphones. KBS as however countered this by installing sockets.

Kenyans on twitter have already expressed their opinion on this new development by KBS. Others are grateful for the new addition while others consider it a bad move. One passengers who approved this move said: Mambo ya “nilikua kwa gari na simu ilikufa,” imeisha!

Passengers have an assumption that the sockets will lure in thieves and increase crime incidents in traffic.

Some passenger were keen to note that the sockets will help them charge their phones and thus improve communication when necessary.

Here are some comments,

Simu ita enda ubaki na charger …..

Good idea

KBS and city shuttles are one of the most hijacked buses in this Nairobi, I don’t want to give people other ideas when I unleash my phone to charge


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