The bedroom is the last place you see at night and first place you set your eyes on in the morning. This makes it a deeply personal room. Logically it is the room  you spend most time in. Invigorate this room with innovative bedroom decor and great ideas.

Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom decor classy and stunning at a glance.

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Have an abstract piece

This style looks and feels cohesive. It can pull an aesthetic design of a mixture of colours and patterns. The abstract piece brings the focal point of the room especially for a piece of art.

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Source: Boca Do Lodo

Deluxe finishes

Give the room a luxe expression. Add touch of silk velvet for the bed frame and your bedding.  However, don’t neglect to place a lacquer lamp stand by the bedside.

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Source; Delux

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Proportional art- mirrors.

A jumbo mirror has the effect of opening up space. Hence, giving you a reflective and airy bedroom with a touch of classy and glam.

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Source:Prime classic design

Dramatic drape curtains.

What completes the beauty of a room is dressing the windows. Drape curtains layered up can help you achieve a dramatic gorgeous experience. In addition this curtains pull a magical admiration to your room.

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Source: HGTV

Cosy rug

Stepping on a freezing cold floor can ruin a good morning. Let your legs be greeted by a warm, soft, stylish and tireless rug. It will enhance room beauty but serve your legs some justice.

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Source: House store and more

The neon light art piece

You can achieve more by using less. Neon lights also creates a romantic aura.

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Source: Kolona

Layer-up the bedding.

Layering the bedding gives the bed an instant upgrade, making it look glamorous. Such a bed will make you feel cozy and warm during winter.

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Source: Elle decor