Andre and Jordan Anchondo are among those killed in the El Paso shooting. The young couple were killed while trying to protect their 2-month old baby from gunfire.

“Andre was in front of the gunman protecting Jordan as she protected the baby,” a close family member said. The parents to three children didn’t survive the ordeal which has been described as one of the worst in recent times.

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Luckily, through their sacrifices the baby survived the ordeal with a few injuries. More than 17 people lost their lived in the Walmart, El Paso shooting.

The couple who celebrated one year of marriage recently had dropped off their five-year-old daughter at cheerleading camp nearby just before going to Walmart to buy school supplies.

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Detectives are treating the ordeal which happened in Texas City near the Mexican border as domestic terrorism and a possible hate crime.

The shooter who has yet to be named was captured and is in custody while investigations continue.