Is your child a loner? You must be really worried about their social lives and how they fair when they are away from you then. You probably remember those kids back in your school days who were from the get-go social outcasts, and feel pained imagining your child is going through the same. Here is how to go about it:

It is normal

While your child being a loner may bother you, you have to remember that we all cannot be extroverts. Being an introvert comes with its own perks too, so do not try to create your preferred personality for your child. If their being loners is on the extreme and is affecting their well-being, that is when you should take steps to alleviate it.

Do not chide them for it

Do not point out that they do not have friends, they know. Neither should you force them into social situations, if they could do anything about their inability to make friends, they would. Resist the urge to rebuke them about them it.

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Nurture their talents

Just because your child is not incredibly gifted socially does not mean they have no other gifts. Take interest in the things they are interested in. The most silent kids can become so passionate and animated when talking about a subject of interest – they just need that trigger. Have they shown some interest in music? Enrol them in music classes. When they find something they are interested in, it might tap into their social side.

Find clubs and groups they can join outside school

While at it, remember not to coerce him into joining the said clubs and groups. If they interact with people they have similar interests with, they will likely be drawn out of their cocoons.

Do not force face-to-face interactions

Face-to-face interactions may be too much for shy people, try working side by side instead. Try to initiate conversations when taking part in other activities. Also, do not be too pushy when initiating conversations or it will come off as an interrogation.