If there is one things that causes marriages to break, it is extramarital affairs. The worst part is, extramarital affairs happen even among couples that seem happy. There is no singular reason as to why people engage in infidelity. These are some of the top reasons why both husbands and wives engage in extramarital affairs.Tokeo la picha la cheating extramarital affair black image                                                           Source: Capital FM

Self esteem 

Some people still tie their worth to their ability to woo and be wooed, hence causing them to cheat. Some men might date ladies their daughters’ age just to show that they haven’t lost it all.

Getting even 

For some people, cheating is a form of revenge. When their partners make them angry or they feel betrayed, they cheat to get even. Some people also cheat because their partners once cheated.

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Lack of common interests

If you don’t have mutual interests, a couple may later want to pursue their divergent interests. This lack of mutual interests will make them not spend time together and as a result, they will look for it in bonding with other people. Gradually, this may lead to an extramarital affair when you spend a lot of time away from your spouse.

Shift in career

When your career advances and the pressure to perform mounts, you might spend less and less time with your spouse as you attend to your job. Your spouse may choose to fill this gap by having an affair. You too may engage in an affair once there is that gap.

Falling out of love

After years of marriage, it is highly unlikely that your partner will cause you to feel those butterflies in your stomach and make you giddy with romance. For some people, the love dies a natural death and when that happens, they seek it elsewhere.

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Change in priority

Early into the relationship, the relationship and family is the priority. Later on, many couples realize their priorities differ and they can hardly agree on the same thing. This creates a perfect avenue for  extramarital affairs to kick in.


Boredom is one of the leading causes of cheating. When the monotony of marriage kicks in after those honeymoon days are long over, cheating becomes an option.


When a partner feels neglected they may go out ti get some semblance of love elsewhere. Sometimes most of the attention is given to the children, and in the process one partner may feel neglected.

Remember, the person who is cheating with you will also cheat on you. Yet another thing, all things considered, cheating is not accidental, it is a decision one makes.

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