Nobody likes being cheated on. We can all do without the pain, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and sometimes, depression, that accompanies infidelity. However, if it happens, it is not all doom and gloom. This new study now reveals that being cheated on may actually have some positive results on both women and men.

Better discernment

Once cheated on, women are more selective in their future pairings. They become more aware of the tell-tale signs of a cheater when interacting with men and protect themselves. They are also able to perceive on a more deeper level, how other women interact with their partners and ring the alarm. These are things they might have never been aware of before the affair.


In the period of infidelity-induced grief, women often go through a great period of soul-searching. In the aftermath of this, they gain a greater perspective of who they are. They develop a stronger sense of self awareness, self-worth and independence.

Pain denotes growth

After pain comes growth, most of life’s greatest lessons are learnt the hard way, and the pain of being cheated on is no different. The good thing about pain among women is, women face it rather than avoiding it, thus leading to healthy healing. Men on the other hand, this study says, ignore the pain and it might eat them from inside.

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The study goes on to say that when your partner leaves you for someone else, their negative influence in your life is diminished and you have a better chance of creating a healthier space. Women therefore gain better emotional intelligence, while men develop stronger personalities after being cheated on.

The ultimate winner

The person who successfully poaches your partner might seem the winner at first, but you are the ultimate winner. They took a philandering partner off your hands to begin with. You should be happy that someone else has to deal with your partner’s ill ways, and that person is not you. They also opened you to growth and gave you an exit out of a bad relationship. They, in fact, did you a favour. The ‘other woman’, this study suggests, is the ultimate loser.

All things considered, and if what this study says is anything to go by, being  cheated on is not so bad, after all.

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