Cufflink varieties and how to wear them

  • PublishedNovember 4, 2019

Suits leave very little room to showcase personality. However, over the years, things have changed. On top of how suits fit, one is free to include an aspect of their personality in their suit. This may include a bold color, patterned pocket squares and a customized fit. These kinds of suits are however reserved for settings that allow this kind of artistic expression. It can thus be quite stifling to wear a suit especially if you’re a firm believer in expressing yourself. This is where cufflinks come in . Cufflinks are pieces of jewelry that are used to fasten the sides of a dress shirt. They can be used to add that little bit of personality to your outfit. We thus look at cufflink varieties and how to wear them.

Bullet back/Toggle

These are the most common cufflink varieties. It’s name is derived from its bullet-like back. The back swivels to secure the cufflink to the cuff. A bullet-back cufflink can be made of material such as gold or silver. On top of that there’s space for fabric of your choice. This gives the person wearing it the option to customize the fabric.

Chain Links

To wear chain link cuffs one should be bold. These innovative cufflinks incorporate two parts of a cufflink pieced together with a chain. They can however be quite difficult to fasten. They are however worth the hustle as they add a rugged, retro aesthetic to your suit.

Whale Back

These cufflinks feature a flat back. They also have a direct post with a smooth ‘whale tail’ fasten at the end. The ‘whale tail’ lays flat when flicked. It thus aligns with the post to slot inside the button holes. Whale backs are quite unique and can therefore grab attention very easily.

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