KEBS has declared six peanut butter products unfit for human consumption. The affected brands include Nuteez, True nuts, Fressy, Supa meal, Sue’s Naturals , Zesta  and Nutty by Nature peanut butter.

The  suspension came after it was realized that the products contain aflatoxins that were higher than the acceptable limit. The companies’ permits were also suspended after tests conducted by officers from KEBS revealed the high amounts of aflatoxins.

“They confirm that their levels of aflatoxin are higher than the limit allowed. Kebs has also suspended these companies’ permits,” KEBS said, “The companies manufacturing them have been instructed to discontinue, recall all the substandard products as well as institute corrective actions.”

Peanuts offer a good breeding ground for moulds and fungus, some of which might be very harmful to human beings.

A study earlier in the year linked cancer to dietary aflatoxins, as some aflatoxins are carcinogenic.

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This is not the second time Nuteez peanut butter is being recalled from the shelves. In January the product was suspended for the same reasons, only to be reinstated in April after it was declared safe.