A black t-shirt is a definite wardrobe must-have. It is easy to style and you can opt for either a plain or one with a patterns and designs. It shouldn’t be expensive, in fact if you are into thrift shopping, you cab get a good one at just Ksh 100 from the street vendors.  So what do you do with it once you have bought it? Below are a 6 outfit inspirations with the black t-shirt

Ankara Skirt

Wear the black tee with your favorite Ankara skirt to give your outfit a pop of color. Accessorize  this with gold earrings and a pair of gold heels for a classic finish.


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Sweat pants

This look looks sporty and chic at the same time. Pairing the black tee with the same shade of sweat pants looks really comfy and fashionable. Don’t over accessorize with this attire. For the shoes go for white or any bright colored pair. With this look less will actually translate to more.

Nasty Gal

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans and a black t-shirt is match made in heaven. If you go for a tee with patterns, minimize on the accessories as the accessories already are a package on themselves. A plain black tee will look better accessorized with a silver or brown belt. Tuck in your tee inside your jeans to give your waist a slim-fit.


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Animal Prints

Animal prints tend to make you look exotic and elegant. Depending on the occasion go for neutral accessories. Also go for a tee that’s plain or one with minimal writings to it. Animal prints are sometimes seen as daring or raunchy. Pairing it with a black tee helps it to look a bit less out there. Don’t shy away from this pair.

Nasty Gal

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Denim Skirt

Either maxi, mini, black or blue, denim skirts have this trendy look to them. If you decide to go black on black break the monotony with a pop of color either with your shoes, jewelry or belt.

New Look

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Palazzo Pants

You can absolutely wear your black tee to work too sis. It all comes down to what you pair and layer it with. Palazzo pants paired with a plain black tee look extremely chic in and out of office. Go for simple accessories like; gold loops or a black and gold belt. Pick a palazzo color that suits you. For a formal look wear this with heels or wedges. For a casual or semi-casual look, rock this with sandals or a pair or dress sneakers

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