So your little one is at that age when the slightest thing sets off the loudest screams. They shout every chance they get, throws tantrums in public places, you have to sneak to work, they have even started hitting and you are on the verge of losing your mind – terrible twos. This is just a phase that will pass, they grow up pretty fast and you will soon wonder where all that excitement went to. Here are a few tips on how to survive the terrible twos:

Don’t give in

There is always the temptation to give in to their demands instead of listening to them screaming their tiny, adorable lungs out. But do not relent – stand your ground. If you give in to their demands they whenever they fuss that is a tactic they will use all the time.

Effective discipline

Do you know how to effectively discipline your child? Choose a discipline method that works for you, be it time outs or withholding some privileges. They need to learn, especially at this age, that negative actions have consequences. You need to define a fine line between what is right and wrong.

Maintain a routine

Sticking to a routine will help them be less irritable, hard as it might be. If they are used to eating and napping at a certain time, they are likely to be irritable if the timing is changed.

Be patient

Indeed motherhood is about having your patience stretched tight and your last nerve scrapped raw. You might snap every once in a while but try to be patient. Understand where your little one is coming from. They are trying to be independent but they are these new rules they did not know about, plus they do not even have the vocabulary to express themselves. It can be frustrating, just understand them.

Rewards the good

Reinforce good behavior, it works all the time.