How to spice up a boring relationship

How to spice up a boring relationship
  • PublishedMay 30, 2022

A relationship changing from spicy to boring is inevitable especially if the partners have stayed together for quite sometime. Boring relationships are characterized by loss of affection, interest and attention. When your relationship changes from spicy to boring, it does not mean that it is doomed to fail. Sometimes, it could be a sign that a few things need to be embraced or readjusted

The change could also signify that your relationship is moving from passionate love to compassionate love. This definitely calls for each partner to invest more energy to prevent the shine from wearing off completely.

Here are 6 tips that will help bring some life back into your relationship.

Understand each others love language

The concept of love language became popular after Gary Chapman’s book by the same name. A love language simply means one’s way of expressing love to and receiving love from their significant other. It does both of you some good if you know what your partner appreciates best.

Explore new things

They say you can’t do something repeatedly expecting different results. If you notice that your relationship is taking a turn to a boring one, invent new things that can bring back the vibe. Try cooking together, go out more, try new kitchen and bedroom recipes, bring on board couple games, avoid using your phone while with your partner, and most importantly, pay attention to the things they like and dislike.

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Pray together

Prayer is a strong tool in every relationship. It tends to build the foundation of the relationship especially if the partners do it together. Through prayers, your relationship is protected by God and any form of disruption is never welcomed. Being in a relationship with your prayer partner helps you to stick together even in the most difficult and challenging times.


They say communication plays a critical role in any healthy relationship. Partners are advised to engage in deep and meaningful conversations. Ensure that in your daily conversations, you discuss feelings, goals, opinions, and the future so that you don’t grow far apart. While at it, each partner should respond wisely.

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Make your partner your friend

Connecting with your partner to the level where you become best friends is the best decision ever. This means you can lean on them, confront them and seek help even at your worst moment. It also brings the aspect of togetherness- sticking together through ‘thick and thin’. It’s a clear indication that you’ve not only formed the physical connection but also the inner connection.

Be less over protective

While a little protectiveness over your partner is good, do not go overboard since your partner might interpret this to mean that you don’t trust them. Give your partner space to breathe and set them free. When your relationship is quarrelsome it becomes boring and it loses its existence.

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