What makes a relationship healthy? Well, no relationship that is 100% perfect, especially because we all have our flaws. A great relationship is driven by love , honesty and most importantly trust, when either of these lack, the relationship is most likely to experience challenges that may even lead to a break up.

While a perfect relationship may not be possible, you can work to create a healthy relationship. Here are tips you can use to build a healthy relationship.

Speak out your mind

Your relationship will thrive when both of you can express personal opinions freely and with utmost honesty without fearing the reaction of the other partner.

Have healthy conflicts

It's normal to agree and disagree on certain issues in a relationship. Understand that there are certain opinions and perspectives that you two will never agree on. When you have such disagreements find a common ground reasonably reasonably and respectfully without calling names or yelling at one another.

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Make decisions jointly

Involve your partner in every decision you make, don't be the one calling all the shots in the relationship. Listen to your partner's concerns regarding any topic or idea. Similarly don't let an individual's interest and preferences dominate while compromising the other. This is to avoid involving your partner in activities that one may not be interested in.

Trust is key in a relationship

In a healthy relationship, trust is key. Building trust involves constant communication with your partner without reservations or secrets. Also recognize each other's need for privacy and boundaries. This includes not checking on your partner's phone.

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Encourage each other towards personal goals  

Push your partner towards taking an extra step to realise the full potential and personal goals for a better future together. Encourage your partner to pursue their goals and assure them of your support no matter the outcome.

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Take responsibility

Avoid blame games when you make a mistake. Instead, admit that you were wrong and apologize to your partner. Additionally, work towards not repeating the same mistake so that it may not seem intentional.

Make your relationship a safe place

Whenever things are hard for both of you,  your relationship should be a haven for where you can run and sort out your issues. This is meant to discourage either of the partners from sharing private issues with outsiders.

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Use the magical words

Make use of words like 'I love you', 'Thank you' and 'I'm sorry' to reassure your other half that no matter how hard it may seem, everything will fall into place.

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