I overcame: Young, single mum shares her story of triumph

  • PublishedSeptember 11, 2019

When Kesar* found out that she was pregnant, her first train of thought was to terminate the pregnancy. She had just turned 20 and the father of her unborn baby had already sworn not be a part of all that. The baby was a fruit of her love with a man who now wanted out. Despite being heartbroken, she firmly decided to choose life for her baby over love for her ex-boyfriend.


“It was a very stressful time in my life, I was going through a breakup, family issues and my exam were just around the corner.”

She was at a really rocky phase in her life. Kesar decided through introspection and conversations with her peers who were young mothers as well, to keep the baby. She promised herself to never look back and remain optimistic   as a new chapter of her life was unraveling.

The journey was from easy. She faced a lot of backlash, all which she had anticipated.

“I remember the criticism and backlash I got from bitter people but later the support I had was immense.”


During her pregnancy , she was too afraid to tell her family especially her mother about her impending single mum status. Her roommate Valerie held her hand and supported her throughout. Later, she decided to move out in preparation for the delivery. Kesar moved to her aunt’s place in Utawala till she went into labour on February 23rd and brought forth to life a healthy baby boy whom she called Reign.

After what she refers to as the worst and most painful delivery, baby Reign was born and Kesar decided to go home. Her face lights up when asked how her mum received the news.

“I am forever grateful to my ma, she is golden and I appreciate her for supporting me without complaining.”


She opened up on some of the challenges she went through. Finding a  balance between being a mum and a girl just from her teens was not easy. She says she used to be a naive girl,  then but God already had a plan. She confirms that this experience has taught her a lot. She is now more alert and cautious.

” I am a young mum, overcame  partying is not a priority now, every time I get out of the house I am building a future for me and my son.”


Kesar corroborates that all mothers are super heroes.  Her life and train of thought really changed after she got her son and she is lost for words telling me about it.

“He is my  pillar my everything, he is the foundation behind all my decisions.”

Final Thoughts

Getting pregnant in or barely out of your teens is so daunting that many girls consider termination as their first priority. Kesar is an encouragement to all young mothers that there is life after motherhood. There will be challenges but they have the strength to weather them.

Her baby is almost turning two now and everyday she loves him more.

Kesar* – Real name withheld

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