Marriages that last: Kenyan celebrity couples married for over 10 years

  • PublishedSeptember 11, 2019

In a generation of Tinder dates and random hook ups, long lasting relationships are hard to find. The ante is upped when these people are in the public eye. A lot of high profile relationships have fallen through over the years. Since Kenyans are heavily influenced by the pop culture scene, it is easy to lose belief in love.

Nameless and his lovely wife Wahu Kagwi recently celebrated their 14th marriage anniversary. Known as marriage goals for a lot of people, they are looked up to by many. In light of this, here are some long lasting Kenyan celebrities marriages that will renew your belief in love.

Boniface Mwangi & Hellen Njeri

Outspoken activist and photojournalist Boniface is mostly known for his human rights activism. More than once, activism has landed him in jail. It takes a strong partner to withstand such incidences.

“God got my back and that is why he gave me a revolutionist like her as very few people can marry a mad person like me,” Boniface recently said in an interview with Milele FM.

The family of five continue to thrive despite Boniface’s dangerous job. This definitely makes them a family worth highlighting.

Rashid Abdalla & Lulu Hassan

The journalist power couple are the epitome of ‘risking it all’. This long lasting relationship started in 2006. The couple then got engaged after two weeks of dating . 13 years later, the ‘Wikendi Nipashe’ duo are stronger than ever. They are happily married and have two children. Their chemistry is undeniable on our tv screens and it is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Kevin Wyre & Hanifa Wyre

The soft spoken ‘Chuki’ hit maker strictly keeps his family life private. While others choose to love publicly, Wyre made the early decision to go the opposite way. Wyre has been married to Hanifa for 11 years. During that period, Wyre says he has learnt that dealing with issues as a family unit without outside intervention is key. They have a 9 year old son whom they protect from the limelight.

While relationships continue to unravel, we can always seek refuge in the fact that long lasting relationships exist because of these couples.

Eric Wainaina and Sheba Hirst

Eric and Sheba have been together for 21 years. Despite a cheating scandal that almost blew the marriage, the couple has worked together to keep their marriage from imploding.

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