Low-maintenance pets for your kids

At one point or the other kids will have to learn how to be responsible. What better way to train them on the matter than through having pets? Having a

Low-maintenance pets for your kids
  • PublishedNovember 17, 2021

At one point or the other kids will have to learn how to be responsible. What better way to train them on the matter than through having pets?

Having a pet places the kids on the pedestal of responsibility, to be praised or be corrected. Showing some love to their pets helps them develop compassion and an appreciation for God’s creation.

As much as pets are good for kids, not all pets as suitable for kids because of their high maintenance. Dogs for example are high maintenance pets because you need to purchase their feeds and regularly clean their environment. You also need to keep expensive vet appointments and house-train and groom them frequently.

However, low maintenance pets offer a simple solution. They are easy to feed, groom, train and leave little mess when left on their own. The following are low maintenance pets you can consider:


A parakeet is a small bird of the parrot family. It is considered a great low maintenance pet as it feeds well on simple vegetables like spinach, some fruits and grains. Parakeets are easy to handle and bond with. With a parakeet, you can be sure that your kids will enjoy giving care to it as they learn how to make a commitment.

The fact that parakeets are not noisy is an added advantage. You can work while at home as the kids play with their little companion.


Guinea pig

The guinea pig is social in nature and very playful. It will help improve the mood of your kids as well as teach them to share and take turns petting it. It can be kept in a sizeable enclosure and needs little feed for its diet. Green feeds and water will keep the little fella healthy.  Its waste can be easily managed, a little grooming and it’s all done. It’s ideal to keep guinea pigs in pairs at least, as they are very sociable creatures.

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A hamster is small in size so you don’t need much space for them. Hamsters are easy to handle for kids. Their gentle nature will encourage your kids to play around with it and this is very healthy. Feeding a hamster is fun as they respond very well to their caregivers.

A hamster is actually a particularly clean pet since it takes care of all its grooming needs itself. When they run on their wheels and play with soft toys they express their uniqueness and are entertaining to watch. In their enclosure, they use one area as their bathroom and this makes it easy to clean their waste.

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It would be wrong to say that low maintenance pets are completely independent. They do need some attention. However, you can be sure that they are less of a burden like high maintenance pets. So when you decide to get a pet for your kids, you now know what to get them.

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