Two students, Keith Brian, 17, and Maxwell Okoth, 17, from Kanga High School in Migori County were yesterday awarded as the overall winners of the Young Scientists Kenya competition.

Two students receiving awards. (Source,

The form three students were given certificates and trophies by Dr. Kevit Desai, Principal Secretary for State Department of East Africa Community (EAC) for their outstanding project showcase in December during the 3rd Young Scientists Kenya National Science and Technology.

Dr. Desai said the two are an inspiration for most young learners in the field of science for sustainable economic development and attainment of vision 2030 and President Uhuru Kenyatta's big four agenda.

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"Among the key objectives of this country is to introduce Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as core subjects taught in school and also as one of the pathways in the new curriculum with a view to developing sustainable development," says Dr. Desai.

The award ceremony serves to encourage students to take up science and encourage them to demonstrate innovation and showcase their scientific talents.

Feature image: Kenyan students showcase their projects. ( Source,

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