Property worth millions razed at Toi Market

  • PublishedMarch 12, 2019

Property worth millions of shillings has been destroyed by a fire at Nairobi’s Toi market.

According to eye witnesses who spoke to the Nation, the fire broke out at 3:00am and by  6:00am it had consumed make-shift stalls and shanties in the market.

Source : Oliver Koech











Police have established that the fire started in one of the stalls before spreading to other stalls. At 6:30am on Tuesday, the flames were still spreading to even residential shanties.

Toi market is an open-air market in the outskirts of Kibera slums and it’s home to more than 5,000 small-scale traders.

Source: Oliver Koech











It is not the first time that traders at Toi market are losing their investments to a fire. The fires have been a perennial  problem with the last incident occurring in January 2018.

Though the cause of these fires is not known,  traders and residents surrounding the market speculate that it is a plan by land grabbers to drive them out of the market.

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