Kibra Member of Parliament Kenneth Okoth has shared his first picture with the public after undergoing chemotherapy for colorectal cancer.

The bubbly MP shared his photo reassuring fans and supporters of his health after one of his followers inquired about his condition.

In February this year, the MP shocked Kenyans when he revealed that he was suffering from colorectal cancer (cancer that affects the colon and rectum) which had progressed to stage four.

In an interview with the Standard, Okoth revealed that even though the diagnosis came a little to late, he will manage it and fight to his level best.

“The fear of the unknown that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is immense. Cancer changes your life completely. I will be using chemotherapy tablets that I can take every morning. Because my disease was discovered at a very advanced stage; it cannot be cured. It can only be managed,” says the 41- year-old legislator.

He also lamented on the high cost of cancer treatment and called on the government to zero rate cancer drugs and remove taxes on equipment.

“I could not afford the US because it was too expensive. My wife is from Europe, where the cost is more affordable and I could get a residence permit quickly for the duration of the treatment. Sadly, not everyone is as lucky; we need to make cancer care in Kenya a national priority,” he said during the interview with the Standard.

Hundreds of fans shared goodwill messages with the legislator.