The Kenya Parents Association (KPA) has submitted a proposal that all primary and secondary school students should have a common uniform.

The proposal came after complaints from the parents concerning the high prices of buying uniforms from shops that have dominated the business.

The new proposal has specifications on how the students will wear the uniforms.

It recommends that all primary schools should have similar grey uniforms and secondary schools to blue similar uniforms.

The KPA insisted that the move would help enhance student’s safety while protecting parents from exploitation.

“We want to protect our children from predators so that when we see them in town being lured to places that are not good, we can be able to know that they are our students and act decisively,” Basic Education Principal Secretary,  Belio Kipsang said.

It is however assumed that the uniforms will have their own school emblems and badges that will help differentiate each school.

This proposal has however received mixed reactions with those against it insisting that uniforms should actually be written off as they are a thing of the past.

These are some of the reactions from #KOT

George Ochieng: You want to single source even uniform against government policy, that’s corruption at highest level. We have small cottage industries doing nice uniforms

Peter Visioned: Mr Kipsang this is a good idea but don’t readily choose a company you are affiliated to when issuing the contract of preparing uniforms. Let learners uniform be of same color but don’t determine who prepares

Dennis Kipkoech: Who will benefit? Of course Chinese companies. Who will suffer? Everyone except big fish, why not scrap off wearing uniform like Western countries.

Cheloti Wasike: What is good about having the same uniform in all schools in the Country?

Heriter Batolio: Oooh! Really, another scam on the way. Lets’ start with Administration police and Kenya police to wear the same uniform.