Reasons your relationships don't last

Having a successful relationship takes a lot of work and patience. For some of us,the longest relationship we have had is three months and we have probably stayed single for

Reasons your relationships don't last
  • PublishedJune 29, 2021

Having a successful relationship takes a lot of work and patience. For some of us,the longest relationship we have had is three months and we have probably stayed single for the longest parts of our adult life.

If your relationships tend to fail after a long time, check if you are making the following mistakes.

Having high expectations

There is nothing as disappointing as getting into a relationship expecting to find a perfect partner and realising that he/she has flaws just like the rest of us. Instead of looking for perfection, focus on the experience, no is perfect.

Lack of intimacy

If you plan to get into a relationship, intimacy should be your holy grail. Lack of intimacy can easily make you or your partner feel emotionally deprived. Ensure that you create a strong bond with your significant other, both mentally and emotionally.

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Inadequate communication

Communication is a necessary requirement for any relationship to work. Majority of the problems in relationships are brought about by miscommunication. Such problems can easily be avoided through proper communication with your partner.


We are in smartphone generation, where people spend more time online than with their partners. Instead of spending this much time online, you can invest it in strengthening your connection with each other. This can be achieved through talking and going to places together.

Vulnerability struggles.

Everyone struggles with vulnerability. It can be hard to decide how much of yourself you want your partner to see and how much you want to keep to yourself.  Keeping things bottled up is not the best idea. Get the right partner and be open to them. That way, they are assured that you trust them and your relationship becomes stronger.


At the start of a relationship you rarely notice that there is the bigger picture of staying together and doing things together. You forget that you need  to join your different characters to be one.  As time goes on you realize that you differ in almost everything from food, leisure or even sleeping times and eventually part ways. Always pay attention to the other person’s character and decide, from the beginning, if you are compatible or not.

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Rushed decisions

While the allure of a relationship may be irresistible, sometimes you are not ready to commit. Before getting into a relationship, be sure that you are willing to put in the work.

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In a nutshell…

Relationships entirely depend on individual commitment and your ability to compromise for a long and healthy relationship. Communication goes a long way in ensuring that issues arising are dealt with in a way that does not jeopardize the relationship. mature manner.

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