It reaches a time in your relationship when you are waiting for the big question or in this era, looking forward to pop it. Before taking this step, you need to ask yourself if your relationship is ready for marriage.

Not all unions end in marriage and it is okay to feel that your partner is not the one in the long run. This will save you from holding on to a stagnant train and lead you to a moving one.

So how do you know your relationship is moving to the next step? Here are signs to watch out for;


Inasmuch as marriage is a unifying bond, you and your partner should not entirely depend on each other. Both of you should have interests that are not influenced by the other and be accepting of them. Individualism in a relationship is key because it represents the fact that you can still function and be productive without them. There are times in the marriage one partner will need to step up when the other is down and this can only happen when your partner’s state does not entirely affect yours.

You have accepted their flaws

The notion that your partner will change once you get married is wrong and should never be the reason you marry them. During your relationship, both you and your partner ought to be accepting of each other’s flaws and imperfections. If there is an underlying issue you feel you won’t be comfortable with, then taking the next step will lead you in an unsatisfied marriage.


Love alone is never enough in a relationship. Communication is a strong factor to lasting bonds. It is a tool that comes in handy during problem solving and conflict resolution. If you and your partner can communicate through tough situations then your marriage will probably be a tight bond.

If you feel there is a strain in communication, try working it out and find ways to build it. Each of you should be able to express how they feel without fear of being dismissed or judged.

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You are not conforming to pressure

When you actually want to be with the person you are dating and are not merely succumbing to pressure, then your relationship is ready to take the next step. Some hurry to get married due to pressure from their parents or peers. Move at your own pace and get married when you are ready.

You have built trust

Trust issues break many relationships and it wouldn’t be a great idea to marry someone you do not trust. When dating, build trust with your partner and move into marriage once you have established it. Know that it takes time to build and earn trust and that you shouldn’t rush it. Make your partner’s needs just as important as yours. If both your actions correlate with your words then you can set a base for trust. The best way to establish trust is through communicating and understanding each other.

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Take home

It is exciting to imagine you and your partner tying the knot in the long run. All of us want relationships that last but before you take that next step, analyze whether it’s a good idea and if he/she is the person you want to spend your life with.

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