How to make the most out of university life

Those that get lucky to transition to the university or any tertiary institution after high school, get a chance to live a life that should be utilized optimally. Tertiary institutions

How to make the most out of  university life
  • PublishedJune 22, 2021

Those that get lucky to transition to the university or any tertiary institution after high school, get a chance to live a life that should be utilized optimally. Tertiary institutions avail grounds where couples meet, business people draw their business plans and life long friendships are cultivated. However it is possible to miss the moments that lead to greatness especially when every move made is self driven.

Consequently how do you make sure the time at the university does not pass you by?

Join an active club

Time at a tertiary institution presents a learning opportunity for a number of things including your interests and strengths. Active clubs give you an opportunity to develop your skills as well as work experience. These clubs put you in touch with industry players whenever you collaborate on a corporate social responsibility activity thus creating ideal networking grounds.

Ask even the silliest questions

There is no better place to make mistakes than at the university. Therefore, make the most of this time to understand your specialty well. The minute you leave the school, the industry will be a place for you to practice what you learned in class.

Online jobs

For an extra coin, feel free to take up an online job. According to Adan Duale’s reiteration of the life of college students in other countries, it is only right that you also make use of the surplus time to make money. Certain courses are usually not as busy, therefore, make sure to put the spare time to good use, instead of spending it on unconstructive activities.

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Start a business

The university presents a ready market for goods and services. Identify a niche that you could fill and fill it well. Very many businesses started off at the humility of tertiary institutions. For instance you could supply students official trousers and shirts which many need but are unsure of where to get them. You can also offer grooming services.

10 tips for female entrepreneurs
Fear of failure is a major factor influencing most women from venturing into entrepreneurship. The only way to overcome this is to just start.


Get to learn your dating style and preferences by engaging with people you may be interested in. Once again mistakes made at this level are easy to correct compared to dating at the work place which is even more difficult. Keep it light while dating in the university. Don’t get too attached too quickly, know that everyone is also learning.


volunteer in the school programs. Sometimes universities host international students, for exchange programs. Grab such opportunities to learn a new skill while at the same time making the guests’ stay at your university memorable. You could also find a local organisation that needs your help and work with them.

Do an online supplementary course

The job market may sometimes ask for more than what you studied at the university. Make use of the surplus time to learn a course in project management, communication, writing. These are among some of the most valuable things you will learn that will come in handy during your working period

Form a band/acting crew

Once again hone your skills while at the university because no other place will allow you the freedom you will enjoy at the university. Gather a group of people whom you share a passion for music with. Create a band, schedule practice and recording sessions. Once you become good, share your content on social media for public consumption and business opportunity.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest

Do not forget to live a little. Explore the goodness that life has to offer. This you can do on a budget  too and in a way that does not compromise your health and values.

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