One of the hardest searches for human beings is the search for the one person who will be a life partner, a best friend and a soulmate. Love and lust are both exhilarating emotions, and every one wants to be sure that besides the emotion, there is a solid connection that can last a life time- hence the common dilemma among men and women all over the world on whether what they and their partner share and feel is truly love or merely lust.  

The following are some fundamental questions to ask yourself if you need to differentiate between the two:

1.     Why are you interested in the relationship?

Lust is a sexual interest in your partner whilst Love is the desire to know the person on a personal level.

2.     Are you willing to put in work to maintain the relationship?

Lust usually keeps the relationship at a limited level ideal for one or more of the parties. Love expands and pushes the relationship to new territories involving a deeper connection.

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3.     Does the relationship grow over time?

Lust is based on short term satisfaction whereas love consists of trust and commitment and tends to have a long-term goal or outcome in mind.

4.     Do you experience obsession and possessiveness?

Lust usually feels like an addiction and somewhat consuming whereas love is balanced and gives room for individuality.

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5.     Where is the thrill coming from?

Lust is based on fantasy and the excitement of the interaction whereas love feels risky as it involves opening up yourself to someone.

6.     How do you feel about the person’s flaws?

With lust one would lose interest once they discover flaws whereas in love one accepts that human beings have both negative and positive qualities.

7.     Do you feel secure in your relationship?

Lust is impulsive and can leave you feeling desperate. Love tends to be steady, and you feel secure.

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