Signs you are not ready to become a parent

Siring or adopting your first child is a life changing event. The moment that kid takes his or her first breath, you’re suddenly thrust into an unpaid role of parenting.

Signs you are not ready to become a parent
  • PublishedMarch 31, 2021

Siring or adopting your first child is a life changing event. The moment that kid takes his or her first breath, you’re suddenly thrust into an unpaid role of parenting. Being a parent comes with sacrifices and expenses. Before settling on becoming a parent, always ask yourself this question. “Am I ready for a baby?” Being a good parent needs preparations. You ought to be financially stable and also mentally ready.

Below are signs that you are not ready to become a parent:

You really want your freedom

Before you settle on parenthood make sure you travel the world, spend time with your spouse, get your education, and move up in your profession. Becoming a parent means forgoing some of the things you once enjoyed—at least for a while. This is to enable you to love, cherish and take care of your child. Nowadays children tend to grow up fast and once your child comes of age you will be able to resume your things with friends and colleagues.

So if you feel like you have a lot on your plate and are not ready to commit to parental obligations, you are probably not ready to be a parent.

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You aren’t saving money

Taking care of children is expensive. Due to the tough economic times, you’ll most likely find yourself not having any cash to save. It is advisable to save the little you get for the future. If you’re not ready to start making some major changes to your spending and saving habits, it’s a good sign that you’re not yet ready to have kids. After all, providing for your child’s basic needs, the frequent trips to the doctor, and even diapers can become a huge financial burden, especially if you’re not prepared for those added expenses. If you want to be able to take care of that kid save up some money before you sire him/her.

You hate seeking help

It is often said that it takes the village to raise a child. You need help and assistance from close family and friends. And if you have strict work conditions you will be forced to hire a nanny for your kid. However, if you find it hard to ask for a helping hand, you may not be ready to be a parent because you can’t do it alone.

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You travel a lot

If you want to have a child, you need some form of stability for their sake. This is because when your child is growing up, they need to interact with their peers when playing and establish long-lasting relationships. Your child needs you to be present. Therefore, if your work is very demanding and needs you to travel a lot, then you may not be ready for parenting.

You’re not ready to start cleaning up after someone

Children learn through exploring.  If you have a child in your house you will often find things scattered all over or messes in places you would not even imagine. Kids will play in the dirt without a care in the world, and you will clean in the morning only to come in the evening and find your house a total mess. You will most likely have to put in some work even if you have a housekeeper so it’s best to get comfortable with the idea before thinking of taking the parenting route.

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You often feel stressed

Siring a child comes with different needs like, time commitment to financial strain. If you often stressed about time, money or any other personal issue, it’s likely you’ll find yourself even more stressed out after the arrival of a new baby. Therefore, if there is something stressing you out, it’s best you first deal with it before you bring a child into the picture.

Bottom line

Becoming a parent is a task. If you are not financially stable and emotionally prepared, take time before becoming a parent. However, babies sometimes are unplanned for and it is therefore the parents’ responsibility to try and have proper systems in place to ensure that they are able to sufficiently take care of their kids.

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