Having a little one in the house, especially when they start crawling, means you have to make the house secure for them. Bad accidents can happen if enough care is not taken to make the house safe. Try these expert tips for baby proofing your house to save you unnecessary  worry.

Cover all electric outlets

Crawling babies and toddlers like to experiment and insert things into uncovered spaces. Electric outlets are especially a play thing in their books. Ensure all the electric outlets, especially those that have not been located high enough, are covered. This will prevent instances of electrocution.

Secure doors

Make sure all doors have baby proof latches and locks. Do this to prevent babies wandering into potentially dangerous areas like the bathroom or the kitchen. Also ensure all the cabinet doors and drawers have secure locks.

Add floor padding

Babies tend to fall down a lot, given they are still unstable on their little feet. To avoid serious injuries, add floor padding and make use of secure rugs, especially in areas where your baby spends the most time in.

Secure decor and furniture

Another favourite pastime for babies is hanging and clinging on furniture and decor. To prevent the furniture and decor from falling on your baby, make sure they are secured ad anchored well on the floor or bases.

Soften sharp edges

You can hit your foot against sharp edges, and your baby is no different. Keep the furniture out of the baby’s way first. Secondly, soften the sharp edges of chairs, tables and other surfaces so the baby might not hit their heads on them or harm themselves in any way.

Use gates

For staircases especially, you can use temporary gates so your little exploring one might not harm themselves trying to climb them. Also use gates for both indoor and outdoor pools to protect them from drowning.

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