Purported benefits of semen retention

  • PublishedAugust 22, 2019

Semen retention is the act of avoiding ejaculation either through sex or masturbation. Different people have varied reasons as to why they do it ranging from physical to spiritual and  emotional reasons.

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So what are some of the purported benefits of semen retention?

Physical benefits

Physically, people who practice semen retention equate it to energy retention. This stems from their belief that sex weakens a man. They also claims that makes your hair healthy and the voice deeper. Semen retention also, ostensibly, increases sperm quality and this is a major reason why most people gravitate to this practice. It also increases sexual pleasure and improves fertility.

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Mental benefits

Mentally, sperm retention helps increase your confidence and self control, it helps increase your motivation thus reducing depression and anxiety, it also helps better your memory and increase concentration while performing your day to day duties.

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Spiritual benefits

Those who do it for spiritual reasons claim that it makes them have overall happiness and better life force with enough control on their side.

It is also bound to increase the testosterone levels in the long run.

Some of the studies to support this include:

A research conducted in 2003 among 28 volunteers showed that testosterone peaked on the seventh day of abstinence
In 2000, researchers found that sexual activity didn’t have a detrimental effect on athletic performance for male athletes, but having intercourse two hours before a competition could.





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