Men's health: How to prevent and treat razor bumps

  • PublishedAugust 22, 2019

If after shaving you develop those horrendous razor bumps that itch like the devil and burn like thunder, we feel you. Razor bumps occur when after shaving, hair curls back into the skin, which is referred to as ingrown hair. This causes the area of skin to be inflamed. Try these proven tips to prevent and treat razor bumps and help you dread shaving less.

Do not cut hair too closely

One of the reasons bumps appear on your chin is trying to achieve that elusive silk-smooth finish. Crop the beard just short enough for the office so that it does not curl back into the skin when it grows.

Check your shaving style

Trade that razor for an electric clipper. If you do not have an electric clipper, ditch the double-razor and stick to single edge razor.

Ensure you only shave when your hair is wet. Shaving without first making the hair wet can have painful repercussions because it will ultimately cause bad irritations. The razor is also likely to roughly tug the hair, which creates an avenue for razor bumps.

Also use appropriate shaving creams and gels. It is recommended to use shaving foam as opposed to soap. Shave in the direction of your hair. Try not to shave the same area a lot of times as this will greatly irritate the skin.

After shaving routine

Invest in good aftershave.

Moisturize the shaved area after shaving. Moisturizers with salicylic acid especially will help soothe the shaved skin.

Try to change the razor after every shave so that any harmful debris is not carried over to the next shave. There are good after shave scrubs that will exfoliate the skin and prevent the occurrence of the bumps.


Oils and gels are yet other means of how to prevent and treat razor bumps. Apply tea tree oil and aloe vera gel after shaving can also inhibit razor bump flare up.

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