What you need to know about painful ejaculation

What you need to know about painful ejaculation
  • PublishedAugust 19, 2020

Most men may suffer from painful ejaculation and may shun away from speaking about it. It makes one’s sexual life very uncomfortable. This problem may have an inauspicious effect if not treated on time.

Painful ejaculation is also referred to as dysorgasmia and it can occur during or after ejaculation.


There can be several factors that may cause painful ejaculation. It may vary from a person to person. Some of the main causes of painful ejaculation include:


One of the side effects of prostate cancer treatment surgery is painful ejaculation. This is because the procedure involves removing parts of the prostrate. One may be prone to having a painful ejaculation after the surgery

Cyst in the ejaculatory duct

When one has cysts or stone in the ejaculatory duct, it blocks ejaculation and causes painful ejaculation. If not treated on time, the problem can lead to infertility.


This is a sexually transmitted disease that can also cause painful ejaculation during intercourse. Avoid unprotected sex to lower the risk of getting infected and later have painful ejaculation.

Antidepressant drugs

Some antidepressant drugs such as tricyclics and tetracyclics, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, selective serotinin, reuptake inhibitors and serotinin may have side effects like painful ejaculation when taken. To avoid this,make sure the doctor prescribes an alternative drug to avoid such complications.

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Some of the ways that painful ejaculation may be diagnosed may be by getting to know how long the pain lasts, is it painful or does it have a burning sensation and also having some underlying illnesses.

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Avoid getting stressed so as to avoid such complications. When one has this problem, it can even bring about break ups in relationships. Make sure you get to talk to your partner when you are both relaxed and make an appointment with your doctor.

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