5 Beverages to drink when sick

  • PublishedJune 28, 2019

When you are feeling unwell and blue, you can fnd some much needed comfort in beverages. Your appetite might take a dip when unwell,  and mostly you will prefer drinks over actual food. Below are some healthy beverages to drink when sick which can boost the healing process.

Green tea.

Green tea is one of the best beverages in the medical world, this makes it one of the go-to beverages to drink when sick. Taking a glass of green tea during this time can be of great help. Medics quote that this tea is useful in fighting flu and other viruses in the body. In addition, this drink enhances the rapid growth of immune cells.

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Lime or lemon water

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which has antioxidant properties that help in cell protection from damaging free radicals. Moreover, lemon also has fibres like Pectin – which is essential  in maintaining good gut health. When feeling sick lemon water can aid in improving the immune system hence boosting overall health.

Sage tea

A herbal tea which contains high rates of antioxidants good for oral health and better brain functionality. Besides being easy to make home, studies show that Sage tea also helps in boosting mood – something that every sick person yearns to get back the energy.

Ginger tea/ water

This beverage is known to be among the tastiest and spiciest beverages. Ginger is rich in minerals and nutrients with high levels of antioxidants to strengthen immune systems. When feeling unwell, Ginger is a remedy for pain especially headaches, and it also helps in relaxing the muscles.

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Cocoa drink

Cocoa is served in many homes and hotels as a drink that many people enjoy sipping. However, British doctors found out that chocolate has antioxidants which boost brain functionality. Adding hot water which as a couple of benefits in cocoa can serve as a good healthy drink. Chocolate or cocoa helps in lowering blood pressure but improves cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

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