5 Mistakes we make when apologizing to our partners

5 Mistakes we make when apologizing to our partners
  • PublishedApril 24, 2021

We at times find ourselves falling foul with our partners. We fight and in some cases this fights end up as divorce. We may have experienced or heard stories of people who were known and admired by many for their love but they end up separating or divorcing. Here are some of the reasons why that might happen:

Seducing your partner into sex

It’s common for people try to seduce their  spouses into sex hoping that having that intimate moment will make their  spouse forget the wrongs they did.  They all think that doing this will save them the act of humbling themselves to say sorry. This is a mistake that you should avoid making. This wont help the person forget and forgive , but it might act as a hindrance for both of you  to enjoy the act.

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We try justifying why we did wrong

When we fall foul with our partners we normally make this huge mistake of trying to give reasons why we did that mistake. We at times end up blaming our spouses which unfortunately makes the situation worse.  We should all act mature enough to accept our mistakes, show that we are sorry for them and seek apology from our  partners. Don’t blame your partners but rather take responsibility for your wrong doings. Your ego should not cost you a great relationship.

Sending our friends or family to apologize on our behalf’s.

We also tend to make this huge mistake of sending your friends or a close family member to apologize on our behalf’s. This is a huge mistake that some of us fall victims of. Doing this taints you as a coward not only to your partner but also to some of your friends. Be courageous enough to face the person you have wronged.

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Bringing up mistakes from the past

When your spouse confronts you on your current wrong doings we tend to make this mistake of  listing their past wrongs. This is a bad thing to do as love doesn’t keep records of wrong doings. Accept your mistakes and address it at that level.

Dragging out the disagreement

Don’t wait for when your spouse has decided to divorce you or to break up with you to let go of your ego and say sorry. Apologize as soon as possible, sincerely, acknowledging your mistakes while still recognizing how it hurts your spouse, assuring him/her of your love and commitment to do better. This will prove to your partner that you are set on making your love thrive and work out no matter what.

If we work on all the above measures, regardless of what may come up between  you, they will feel secure and confident enough to open up to you and the more your relationship will thrive.

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