8 Ways to make Valentine’s Day special for kids

In the hype that surrounds Valentine’s Day, children tend to be forgotten. However, getting a child involved in the celebrations helps them feel included and loved. Due to the understanding

8 Ways to make Valentine’s Day special for kids
  • PublishedFebruary 4, 2022

In the hype that surrounds Valentine’s Day, children tend to be forgotten. However, getting a child involved in the celebrations helps them feel included and loved.

Due to the understanding that most people have of Valentine’s day as a day set aside for lovers, coming up with ideas to entertain children is not the easiest thing to do. However, don’t fret. Here are simple ways to involve your children in Valentine’s day.

Make Valentine’s themed food

For kids, heart-shaped food gets them elated.  You could decide to bake cookies and use heart-shaped cutters to shape them.

For the ultimate bonding experience, ask the kids to join in the preparations. They can help roll the dough or make the shapes.

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Take them on a date to their favourite spot

Going out with your kid to their favourite play spot or eating out would make them feel loved. Have them pick out their favourite meal or snack and then accompany them to the spot they choose.   It doesn’t have to be expensive as there are numerous pocket-friendly options.

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Write them a letter

Writing letters on cute or coloured paper to your kids to affirm them is a great way to make their Valentine’s Day special. Sprinkle some glitter on the letter for some extra excitement.

You could also get your kids to write letters to each other if you have more than one kid.

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Play dress up with them

Getting the opportunity to pick out clothes for adults is a fun activity for them. They get to engage their creative side and everyone gets an opportunity to bond. You can also decide to go shopping for Valentine’s themed pyjamas.

Do art and craft activities

The best time to develop a child’s creativity is when they are young. Art and craft activities are some of the ways that help a child explore their creative side. The best thing is that you can create just about anything with materials around the house or from your neighbourhood bookshop.

Host a Valentine’s Day tea party for them

Valentine’s Day is about showing affection to your loved ones. Kids could host a tea party with the help of their parents and invite their friends over. They could set up the table with their play utensils, dress up for the occasion, and exchange gifts and letters with their friends.

Valentine’s movie night

Staying up a little bit past bedtime watching movies and cartoons is a good way to make kids feel loved. Letting them choose what they want to watch or putting their favourite Disney cartoons will make them happy.

Ensure that you get their preferred snacks and a cosy blanket to snuggle in when watching. However, keep in mind that movie night on a school night is not a good idea

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Read a Valentine’s Day-themed bedtime story to them

Reading to kids a love-themed book that is child-friendly is the best way to wind down their Valentine’s Day. You can also pick a book that they love so much and read it to them as they fall asleep to the sound of your voice.


In conclusion…

Enjoying and including the kids in Valentine’s Day activities doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or even be strenuous. It is a day to show immense love to your kids, and this could turn into memories that they will cherish for years to come.

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