Cheers to all mums!

  • PublishedApril 28, 2017

Although some may argue that Mothers’ Day has become commercially exploited and this has taken away the spirit of motherhood, still all mothers need to know they are loved and appreciated. As we gear up to celebrate this special day this month, it is worth remembering there is more to it than cards, flowers, and gifts. We remind you why you should salute all mothers, mother figures and motherhood as a whole.

1 The life-giver
Pregnancy is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of courage, sacrifice and a big dose of love to nurture another life for nine months. With the downsides that sometimes come with pregnancy such as piles, oedema, stretch marks, miscarriages and even maternal death, mothers are nothing short of heroes for enduring all that. Then comes labour, which is not easy. Despite all these, most mothers agree that the excitement of seeing and holding their baby (or babies) for the first time is nothing short of a miracle.
2 The first teacher
First steps, first word – chances are mums had a hand in these. They are often the first teachers when it comes to learning basic things such as how to talk, walk, hold a spoon, and even potty training. They tirelessly and whole-heartedly give the first life lessons to their children while holding their hands and cheering them on all the way countless times. It is also safe to say that most people learnt their culinary skills from their mothers. What would we do without our mothers?
3 The Nurse on call
Being a mother means being on call 24/7/365 incase of an emergency or you got yourself hurt during a fight in school. Even when a mother is not feeling too well she always puts the needs of her kids first. Her cabinet is often stocked with medication for different ailments in readiness for when she may need to put on her nurse-hat for you.

4 The loving disciplinarian
Even though mothers are often viewed as the more lenient parent, this does not mean that you can’t get a whooping from her. Whenever children tend to misbehave by throwing silly tantrums, refusing to eat, playing till very late, stealing sugar, or ruining their clothes playing in the mud, you can be sure they will get some punishment of sorts from their mother; to mould one into a responsible adult.
No doubt we are all indebted to our mothers. So this Mother’s Day go ahead and spoil your mother and the mother figures in your life, after all they deserve some tender loving care. Happy Mother’s Day!

Published May 2017.

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