Most people make many assumptions about sex. These become traps that set us into behaviour patterns that contribute to instant sexual problems. Lets look at the five top traps you will need to avoid.

1. Making love means having intercourse

The belief that making love means having intercourse translates that anything else we do isn’t the real thing. That’s why foreplay is called foreplay – it is warming up for the ‘goal’ – having intercourse. There is nothing wrong with intercourse, but if you think that the goal of lovemaking is intercourse, you have already fallen into two traps. You deny yourself and your partner innumerable opportunities to make love. ‘Why bother if we don’t go ‘all the way’? You also become goal oriented during lovemaking. You work so hard for the ‘prize’ and in the process miss all the joy of getting there. Sex is not a game of beat the clock.

Every moment of lovemaking can be fulfilling if you are sharing and expressing love with your partner. And don’t wait until the moment of intercourse to share that love deeply. You will find that with less pressure on intercourse to be the ultimate high, the whole experience of lovemaking becomes more pleasurable and deeply fulfilling. You will find great pleasure in having romantic moments just sharing your love for each other, holding hands,
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