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8 fun and engaging weekend activities for children

8 fun and engaging weekend activities for children
  • PublishedJanuary 14, 2023

It has hardly been a week into their holidays but your kids have broken your favourite vase, half your plates, your hubby’s mug, a window, a bed and you still haven’t found the TV remote. You have been to the hospital so many times for avoidable injuries but they just won’t slow down. You love them so much but they are threatening your very sanity and, much as you hate to admit it, you cannot wait for school to reopen. Worry not, you are not alone. Try these fun school holiday activities before you lose your mind.

Organize playdates

For little kids, you can organise playdates with your good friends and neighbours. At least you will relax in the knowledge that they are okay where they are when at work or attending to other things at home.

Have them go swimming

If your child loves swimming, let them go and have their swim. Better still, if they do not know how to swim, this would be a great time for them to learn. However, take all safety precautions – ensure strict adult supervision and that they are in the right protective swimwear.

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Baking and cooking classes

You never know, they might the next Chef Alis in the making. Plus those skills will come very handy in future.

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Enrol them for music classes

School sets time for co-curricular activities, but not enough. Let your little ones have their fill of their favourite music instruments.

Send them to relatives

Boarding schools prevent most school going children from interacting with their relatives, so that aunt who has been insisting that you send your kids for a visit? Take them up on their word and run them along. Alternatively, cart them off to their grandparents’ as you catch some rest.

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Have them volunteer

There are a great many volunteering opportunities. Get one that is aligned to your child’s interest and have them take part in them. They will be too tired to cause trouble when they get back.

Puzzles and board games

Buy lots of puzzles to keep them busy. You can fill some of the puzzles together as a family to beat the boredom.

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Go on a family fun day

Take advantage of the weekend to do fun activities together as a family. You can go on a picnic, shopping, game drive or just eat out.  Family fun days break the monotony of daily routine at home and expose your children to different aspects of life. The more exposed your children are, the more enlightened and ambitious they become.

In conclusion

Having children at home especially after a long holiday can be exhausting especially because their energy is unmatched, if you need to relax or have some private time with your spouse, you can choose any of the ideas above that will work for your situation. After all, a happy parent equals happy kids.


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