How strict parenting affects children

There is a generation of adults who, up to date, are startled by the voice of their parents. In most cases, the mother or father still maintains a strict persona

How strict parenting affects children
  • PublishedJune 21, 2021

There is a generation of adults who, up to date, are startled by the voice of their parents. In most cases, the mother or father still maintains a strict persona which scares their grown up children even though there are grandchildren in the picture.

Strict parenting is the type of parenting that places irrational standards and demands on children in an overbearing manner. Unfortunately, the effects of strict parenting are almost always negative as seen below.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

According to studies, children exposed to strict parents are likely to sink into depression or exhibit other psychiatric symptoms like Social Anxiety Disorder. These children tend to carry these symptoms into their adulthood thus dealing with challenges that deter their optimal social interaction.

When your child is the bully
Finding out your child is a bully can come as a shock and working around the realization is overwhelming.

Low self-esteem/timidity

Overbearing parenting creates individuals who do not understand their value due to low self esteem. A person with low self-esteem is a danger to themselves and to society at large. Simply because they are usually unable to accept compliments, and to make meaningful and lasting relationship. They are, also, very gullible and are likely to fall prey to fraudsters and pedophiles.

Bed wetting

Strictness instills fear in children. Extreme fear among children in certain cases triggers effects such as bed wetting. This is a sign that the child has been affected psychologically. The psychological effects follow them in their studies where they are unable to master simple things in class.


Strict up bringing in most cases interferes with a child’s ability to make decisions. This is because they grew up doing what their parents commanded them to do. Therefore, even in their adulthood, they still hesitate in deciding the next move. In the case of a relationship, such a partner ends up being easily manipulated and overpowered.

Behavioural problems

Some children end up mastering how to act around their parents so they can avoid punishment. However, in the presence of others such children reveal their true colours. They even tend to be bullies who when confronted, recoil assuming the place of the victim.

Emotional issues

Studies show that children brought up by strict parents have emotional problems, this may include lack of it all together which is a developed coping mechanism. Just as the parents controlled them, they become controlling too. They learn all ways to control their environments and feelings which they use to their advantage.

In light of the above…

it is critical to balance between permissiveness and strictness. Professionals advise that you also talk things through with your child if they are found on the wrong. Allowing your child certain privileges would also build their independence

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Parents who struggle with their temper should also seek professional help in order to address any underlying trauma that may have been overlooked.

Studies have found that some strict parents sometimes act this way following an incident that happened in their childhood but was not addressed instantly. Issues like sexual assault, physical abuse and being raised in compromised environments may cause such outbursts.

In conclusion…

Aspiring parents should make they are emotionally capable of raising mentally healthy children. This way, children will not have to struggle with the above mentioned challenges.

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