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9 easy ways to stay stylish during pregnancy

9 easy ways to stay stylish during pregnancy
  • PublishedJune 21, 2021

So, you have just seen the two magical coloured lines on your pregnancy kit?

That’s some good news, right? Unfortunately, pregnancy comes with a lot of worries and complications. From morning sickness to finding out that nothing on your wardrobe fits especially in the second trimester. However, you should not lose your sense of fashion because you are pregnant. Here are some tips you can use to stay in style throughout your pregnancy.

Wear supportive undergarments

Pregnancy changes almost everything about a woman’s body. This means that your bras may not fit anymore. Therefore, get a new bra fitting. This will not only ensure that you get the necessary support, but it will also give a boost of confidence and protect you from the complications that come with wearing an ill-fitting bra.


Accessories can help draw attention away from your growing belly and give you a much-needed boost of confidence. Invest in hats, sunglasses, statement jewellery and belts. Make sure you wear your belt above your belly. Also, don’t go overboard with the accessories. Keep it to the minimum.


Your face shouldn’t look drab just because you are pregnant. While you may not have the energy or time to do a full-face makeup, a touch of lipstick adds some colour and life to your face.

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Stilettos may not be very pregnant friendly. Therefore, aim for shoes that are breathable and comfortable and that do not put pressure on your feet. Loafers, sneakers and ballet flats and sandals are your friends during this season. A quick tip, some women’s feet tend to grow a size larger during pregnancy, therefore, it would do you good to purchase shoes that are a size larger than your normal size.

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Buy clothes specifically made for pregnant women

As your bump grows bigger, it can be tempting to buy clothes that are a size larger. Unfortunately, such clothes will appear oversize at the shoulders and the arms. The result can be quite unflattering. To avoid that, shop around for clothes specifically made for pregnant women and buy your normal size. Do not be afraid to try fitting dresses.

Try layering

One of the basic fashion rules is to understand your body so that you can dress it. The same goes for pregnancy. Once you expect that your body is changing, you can make better fashion choices to fit the new you. Try wearing your skirts or pants higher than usual. Invest in some ruffle tops or blouses that have an interesting detail or neckline. Pregnancy is also the time to bring out those cardigans and blazers that have been hanging in your wardrobe for so long.

Have fun with colour

Color says a lot about you and can even affect your mood. You can therefore play with different coloured pieces to achieve an upbeat mood. When it comes to colour, make sure you know what colour looks good for your complexion and what does not.

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Invest in a wrap dress

Wrap dresses are a must-have not only because they are easy to wear but also because you can wear them even after pregnancy. Moreover, a wrap dress is one of those fashion pieces that grow with you.

Avoid patterns and prints

Patterns and prints can be flattering until you select the wrong ones. It is best to avoid clothes with very small patterns as they make the outfit too busy. An outfit with a medium pattern size is the safest bet.

Bottom line…

Pregnancy demands a lot of changes in a woman’s lifestyle. Fashion is one of the first things to suffer especially as the baby bump grows bigger. However, with just a few tips, your sense of fashion doesn’t have to suffer just because you are expectant. The best thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to actualize these tips.

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