The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFA) estimates that a pregnant woman’s feet grow from anywhere between half-foot and full size. If you just discovered that you are carrying a bundle of joy, that means that you need to go shopping for shoes sooner than later.

When shopping for shoes during pregnancy, certain factors come into play that you would otherwise not consider. That, however, does not mean that shoe shopping becomes a mind-boggling experience. With the following tips, you can shop for shoes that will make your pregnancy walk relaxing and complication-free.

Steer Clear of the stilettos

You may be an addict of the confidence and magic that stilettos even to the simplest of outfits. In fact, for some women, stilettos are a wardrobe staple. Unfortunately, this may not be the most pregnancy-friendly shoe because they may not handle the added weight during pregnancy. If you must wear heeled shoes, get a pair with a broad and low heel. Even then, wear them sparingly.

Comfort above everything else

Ensure that the shoe you get is comfortable to your feet. Do not get a narrow shoe at the toe area or a shoe without enough breathing room. Open shoes allow for adequate breathing. If your workplace does not permit employees to wear open shoes, get athletic shoes as these are made in such a way that they can allow athletes maximum breathability as they run.

Look for shoes that offer ankle support

Ensure that the shoe you choose offers maximum ankle support and has a good arch to reduce the likelihood of joint pain.

Get slip-on shoes

By your third trimester, bending will be a herculean task. As a result, when shopping for pregnancy footwear, go for slip-on shoes as they are easy to wear. Avoid shoes with laces.

Buy a pair that is a size larger

Your feet will grow or swell as your pregnancy progresses. Therefore, get a pair that’s a size larger than your normal size so that you are comfortable even when your feet are swollen.

Bonus tip: Always buy your shoes in the afternoon or evening when your feet are already swollen.

Consider your fashion choices

You should not throw your fashion sense out of the window just because you are pregnant. There are many shoe options you can explore to stay stylish and comfortable. Invest in a good pair of ballerina flats, or sneakers or even loafers. Also, get a pair of nice flat boots for the cold season.

Get shoes with rubber soles

Shoes that have a rubber sole act as a shock absorber and reduce the pressure and strain on your back and legs.

Get a pair that is adjustable

Your feet may swell as the day progresses. Therefore, get shoes that are adjustable to accommodate your growing foot size or you will feel constricted the whole day which is uncomfortable.

In a nutshell...

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing seasons of a woman’s life. Unfortunately, the number of body changes and the accompanying adjustments can be overwhelming. For instance, your shoes may no longer be suitable for pregnancy. The above tips will help you find the right shoe for your pregnancy.

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