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How to lose post-partum weight after a Caesarean delivery

Most women take between 6 to 12 months to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

How to lose post-partum weight after a Caesarean delivery
  • PublishedJune 22, 2021

Post-pregnancy baby weight can be a nuisance and can cause anxiety for new mothers especially. The problem becomes even worse if you had your baby through a Caesarean section(C-section). Most women take between 6 to 12 months to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. However, there are things you can do to enhance the process.


Exercise can also help you get your pre-pregnancy body back. However, consult your doctor before beginning exercise. Once you have the green light from your doctor, start with light exercises like walks and increase as you go. Walks are especially good as you can take your baby with you on a stroller and increase your bonding time.

Remember to wait until you are completely healed to start exercise. Healing from a CS wound takes between six and ten weeks. If you don’t wait until the wound is completely healed to start exercise, you risk post-partum bleeding, joint injuries and even opening up of the wound.

Eat your way to weight loss

Do not fall into the temptation of dieting to lose weight. Dieting will not only affect your health, but it will also reduce your milk supply which is harmful to your baby. Instead, eat foods that are rich in fibre. Also, increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Try to avoid junk foods and foods that have high fat, salt and/or sugar content. Also, drink lots of water.

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The connection between sleep and weight loss may be hard to establish. However, the longer you stay awake, the more likely you are to indulge in some junk food. Moreover, failure to get enough sleep can interrupt your circadian rhythms which have been shown to cause weight gain. It is hard for mothers to find sleep when the baby is awake. A good tip is to sleep when your baby sleeps.


Yoga is helpful in toning and strengthening the stomach muscles. However, like every other physical exercise, give yourself self-time to heal before starting and make sure you consult your doctor to know if it is safe for you.

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Avoid alcohol

You probably know that alcohol when breastfeeding is a big no because it will go to your baby through breast milk.  Another reason to avoid alcohol is that it increases calories without giving any nutrients and this works against your weight loss goals.

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Ensure that you breastfeed as much as you can because breastfeeding helps you shed some weight even if it’s on a small scale.

Losing baby fat can cause you extreme anxiety and pressure especially with social media awash with celebrity moms who appear to leave their baby fat at the hospital. Do not let the pressure suck you in. Some of these celebrities have access to personal trainers and nutritionists that you may not have access to. Give yourself time to recover, seek your doctor’s advice and move at your own pace.

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