5 Ankara-inspired Baby Bump Shoots that You Will Love

  • PublishedMay 24, 2019

Every day people are getting more brazen and more creative with their baby bump shoots (Beyoncé had hers underwater!) While we may not be as daring as the Queen of Pop, we can have simple shoots just as beautiful. These ankara-inspired shoots are very simple in their execution but also bold and beautiful. Have a look.

African queen and her king

This couple teamed up for a royal-themed, ankara-inspired baby bump shoot. The crowns add a nice touch to the overall look, and complement the simple ankara outfits too.

Source: Pinterest

How about a mother/daughter shoot?

Mother-daughter maternity shoots are such celebrations of femininity. This one is a simple outdoor shoot that celebrates both the impending birth and the African culture.

Source: Pinterest

Conceptualized ankara shoot

Whoever said ankara shoots have to be simple lied, because this family took their shoot to a whole other level.  This shoot captures the strength, beauty and regal bearing of an African queen and family, and the ankara brings it out even more beautifully.

Source: Face2Face Africa

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Many people are under the impression that it is not a baby bump shoot unless the bump is actually showing. Nothing is further from the truth. The prospect of getting semi-nude for a shoot is one that makes most ladies cower, and shy away from the idea of a baby bump shoot altogether. It does not have to be that way. This ankara ensemble captures the baby bump so beautifully. The patterns and colours of the fabric, with its flamboyant bell-sleeves makes it all more interesting. All curves have been accentuated, the bump being the most beautiful.

Source: Pinterest

Ankara drama


It has already been demonstrated that you can be as playful and creative as you wish with your ankara outfit. However, DJ Pierra Makena grabs the top spot for the most creative and extra ankara-inspired baby bump shoot. She does not show the entire bump,but just enough which strikes a perfect balance for those who may want less-revealing shots.

Source: Pinterest

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