4 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  • PublishedMay 27, 2019

Picking a gift is not an easy fete, unless whoever is being gifted lists down all they want and puts them on a billboard. Baby shower gifts are not any easier to pick. The ones that we all know are too cliché. The mother-to-be will internally roll her eyes if you call them surprises. While diapers and those tiny cute outfits are just as important, you may want to try out these awesome baby shower gift ideas too.

New born baby photography

New born baby photographs are cute, no doubt. However, sometimes the new mama does not have the time, or even the finances and peace of mind, to plan them. You can step in and pay for a photo session that she will use when it feels convenient for her.

Meal delivery service

Make the new mum’s life easier by purchasing her online food order coupons for a week, or even a month. Those will come in handy on those days when she is too tired and burnt out to even live, let alone eat (there will be many such days).

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Glam kit

Who said mothers should not look nice? Because your girl will probably be too carried away with the baby duties, she might not have enough time to go make-up shopping. Best hook her up with that glam kit she has been gushing about for ages. It will come in handy on the days she decides to go all out and slay.

Spa time

Baby shower gift ideas are not just about the baby, the mama needs her own gifts too! Remember, the mum will be in a better place to take care of the little one if she is well-taken care of too. With all that running around and lacking sleep that awaits her, a spa session is one of the most perfect gifts you can give her. She can set some time aside to go for the session, when she feels its convenient.

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