How to overcome shyness

  • PublishedJuly 9, 2019

Shyness can hold back a lot of people from reaching their goals and speaking out on vital things that affect them. However, it is not a sin to be shy. In some cases it is a result of how you were brought up or things you faced while growing up. Here are some few tips on how to overcome shyness.

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Keep it low key

Do not tell everyone about your weakness in being shy. It is not as visible if you don’t make it public.

Take it casual.

Many are the times that you will be teased for been shy. Don’t let it get to you. Remember to take it casually and with a light heart.

Don’t brand yourself as shy

It is not an attribute but something many wish never to have.  Never accept shyness as part of you. Don’t own it.  Rather, know how to deal with such situations and brush it off.

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Know your strengths

Consider your strengths better than the weaknesses you might have. It might help boost your esteem. Build on what you are better in as you work to improve the drawbacks. Remind yourself of how much more important you are and embrace it.

Choose wisely

Many relationships are broken due to poor selection of friends. Don’t choose friends who enjoy making fun of you for your weaknesses. Go for people with a warm heart, encouraging spirit and people who will fight for you.

Keep off from bullies

Bullies always wish to show weak side of people. They can easily pick on you in a sarcastic way so as they can embarrass you. Keep a distance from them by all means.

Look over the head.

If you are chosen to address an audience. Remember, to look above the heads. It will help overcome stage fright.


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