• PublishedJuly 10, 2017

The saddest part of being a woman is not knowing whether a man is genuinely interested or if he’s just in it for the sex right?


The saddest part is sitting through another sob story with one of your girlfriends. Used and dumped…again. And chances are this will not be the last time. Ladies…this vicious cycle needs to stop. Let’s face it, ‘fisis’ don’t put in the effort and their methods are not even new…or that creative even!

Start looking at things, as they are, in plain black and white rather than how you want them to be.

The conversations

For some reason, all your conversations seem to just revolve around sex. Even when you try to tell him about a presentation you made at work or to a client, he’ll make a comment like, “I bet they couldn’t take their eyes off that sexy butt.”

No, he’s not saying your butt is sexy, (though it probably is). The truth is if he were listening to you, he would have picked up on how the presentation made you feel. And if anything, your audience was looking at your face, not your ass.

If he’s also texting you at night only, honey, you’re a booty call. Past 12 am is worse because you’re not even in his top list of booty calls.

If he likes you, he’ll be more interested in your life, not just the sex.

 The dates

When he only wants to grab food, drinks and hang out at his place or yours, then honey, he’s only interested in that cookie! Your dates will never be in a public place. And if you genuinely want to just watch the movie that he called you over for, he gets so angry that you don’t want to have sex.

The sex

If he’s only using you for sex then at least he should get the sex part right …but that’s not the case He will rush through the foreplay because all he’s interested in is the climax. He doesn’t really care about your satisfaction or approval because he doesn’t really care if you stay or not.

House rules

He probably won’t say it to your face, but you are not to sleep at his place. If you do, he’ll make sure you leave at a devilishly early hour, with not even so much as a breakfast offer. And he’s super keen that you don’t leave anything behind. He’ll even call you to come pick them up in the event that you do.


He will always be too busy to hang out with your friends (if not you) and for some reason; you will never get to know his friends. If you get to hang out with them, it’s brief and then…you’ll end up in his bed…again


“ I told you so!” said your instinct.

Nobody’s got your back more than that little voice at the back of your head. You just have to learn how to listen to it.

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