Leprosy re-emerges in Kenya

  • PublishedOctober 10, 2017

Leprosy, one of the world most feared diseases, has re-emerged at the Coast as well as several other parts of the country.

Remote areas of Kilifi and Kwale counties have the highest number of cases.

At least 50 cases of disfiguring infections are reported annually according to public health offices in the region.

Reports indicate most of the infections are discovered at an advanced stage making treatment difficult.


Leprosy is completely curable through a course of multi-drug therapy (MDT) for six months or a year.MDT is free of charge, but many people are unaware that the cure exists.

Leprosy,caused by a bacillus bacteria, Mycobacterium leprae can cause serious limb deformities, blindness and nerve damage if untreated.

The disease had been eradicated in Kenya but new cases are being reported.

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