Man in viral sex tape released

  • PublishedFebruary 19, 2020

Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga  a man who prominently featured in a viral sex tape with a female relative has been released. The release came after the mother of the lady in the tape produced the birth certificate, through which it was confirmed that the lady was born in 1997.

Patrick was arrested on suspicion of defilement, amid claims that the lady with whom he featured in the video was a minor and his relative.

If Patrick’s allegations that the video was recorded in 2017 was true, that puts the lady’s age at 20, which is above the legal threshold for sexual consent. He has also said the lady consented to the act. The lady’s mother also said the two were distant cousins, thus the act did not warrant as incest.

Investigations abound all the same, as police seek to establish when exactly the video was recorded, who released it and why.

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