A petitioner, Esther Awuor Adero, has filed a petition in court seeking interim orders to have the CBC stopped, pending hearing and determination before the court challenging the role out of the CBC.

Through advocate Nelson Havi, the petitioner has argued that the ministry of education errored by implementing the new curriculum and that the CBC, if allowed to continue, will affect the future of Kenyan children.

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In his affidavit, Havi cited widespread outcry from parents and further argued that the curriculum was implemented without following due processes of the laws that apply to basic education provisions. In addition, Havi submitted that the CBC is forcing children to make career choices before acquiring the knowledge and training required to make informed decisions on their career paths.

The case has listed various respondents, including the cabinet secretary for matters related to basic education, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Kenya National Examinations Council, Teachers Service Commission, Kenya National Union of Teachers, among others.

The petition comes a few days after Education CS George Maghoha told off critics insisting that the new curriculum was here to stay.

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